Axlが在籍していたRapidfireのギタリスト、Kevin Lawrence 死去

2016年01月16日 13:25


Axlがガンズ加入前、80年代前半に所属していたRapidfireのギタリスト、Kevin Lawrenceが1月14日に肺炎と心臓発作で亡くなられたようです。




前にやっていたブログで、Kevin Lawrenceのインタビューを訳したことがありました。





RIP AXL ROSE’S EX-GUITARIST … Rapidfire’s Kevin Lawrence dead at 51 (Metal Sludge)

LOS ANGELES, California — Sad to report that Rapidfire guitarist Kevin Lawrence has died.
According to friends close to Lawrence he had recently suffered several heart attacks brought on by pneumonia and was hospitalized on life support.
Sadly Lawrence did not recover and lost his battle on January 14th  2016.
Lawrence’s band Rapidfire is most recognized for being fronted by Axl Rose in his early days upon arriving in Hollywood.
The group recorded several songs in 1983 which have been made public in recent years.
In addition to that rare E.P. of music the band performed live at popular music venues like the “Troubadour” and “Gazzarri’s” during their heyday.


Rapidfire - Closure(YouTube)